Frequently Asked Questions

Are these accounts real?

Yes, the Twitter accounts are real accounts. The difference is whether you purchase ACTIVE or INACTIVE Twitter followers. Active accounts are ideal for those users who require interaction. Inactive accounts are ideal for people who want to strengthen their social proof and credibility in the eyes of their peers.

Is this method safe?

Yes, our method is safe and secure. The Twitter accounts we provide are 100% real.

What information do you need to start with my campaign?

For ACTIVE Twitter followers, we will require your username and password to log in to your account and apply the ‘Follow First Method’.
If you interested with this service you can see all packages here : Click here

For INACTIVE Twitter followers, we will only require your username. Followers will be sent directly to your Twitter account on the designated time.

How can I pay?

You can pay through Paypal via its secure payment gateway. You can also use your credit card through PayPal. We are always working on improving our payment processing methods and options. We will be looking into options outside of PayPal however at the moment we only accept PayPal for payment processing.

When will my campaign begin?

Upon completing your order application, you will receive a notification email from Paypal and your campaign will begin within 48-72 hours or sooner.

Is social media marketing really worth it?

In today’s high-tech world, the popularity of social media has been increasing at a rapid rate. Hence, by using a social media marketing campaign, you can reach a big circle of customer leads, while spending less cost on advertising. Social media optimization is also a large factor in SEO and hence it plays a large role in online marketing.

I Don’t Want Anyone To Know I’ve Ordered Your Services. Do You Tell Anyone?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We will NEVER disclose your information or let anyone ever know that you’ve used our services. We completely understand and respect your desire for confidentiality. You can use our services with the comfort of knowing we will never share your information with anyone at all…EVER.

Will these followers drop off?

If you have purchased active Twitter followers, it is possible that these followers will drop off. Not to worry, we will send extra followers to your account if you are experiencing any drop offs on your followers. This offer is valid for 30 days.